Young Heroes Rescue Marion Man From Burning Home


Two young men are being hailed as heroes in Grant County, after rescuing a man from his burning home.

Sunday afternoon, before emergency crews arrived on South Adams Street in Marion, Tré Jones, 25, and Marcus Harvey, 24, saw danger and faced it head-on.

They were in the neighborhood when they noticed a fire.

“I’m like ‘I smell some smoke. Somebody’s house is on fire,'” Jones said. “There’s people in the front yard, some of them recording.”

“They basically tell us there’s a guy inside the house,” Harvey added. “We didn’t know where he was at, just heard him screaming and everything.”

The man inside was trapped by smoke and flames.

“Then I started hearing him,” Jones said. “I’m like so why are you all just standing there?”

He decided to take action and risk his own life to save a stranger.



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