He built a website showing open Covid-19 vaccine appointments across the US. Some call it a lifesaver.


(CNN) For weeks, Nick Muerdter had been hearing about his coworkers’ concerns and frustrations as they tried to navigate complicated and evolving Covid-19 vaccination systems to land an appointment for their parents.Some sent around emails with helpful articles and brainstormed for a solution. “It seemed like a lot of people were just spending a lot of time on these pharmacy websites,” said Muerdter, a 34-year-old software engineer for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado. “And those were particularly frustrating just because it was, you know, you go to the website, you enter a zip code, you select a store and then nope, no, no appointments. And then you need to try a different store or try a different zip code.

In other words, the kinds of repetitive tasks that Muerdter knew computers can do better — and faster. And that gave him an idea.

Source: CNN.com