Kickstarter Campaign Helps Revive 70 Jobs For These Tables


High-end gaming tables, once a luxury that few could afford, are suddenly coming down in price. One of 2020’s most successful Kickstarter projects is for Wyrmwood Gaming’s Modular Gaming Table. It’s the second most-funded tabletop gaming project of the year, and on track to become the fifth most-funded overall — and it’s close to overtaking highly successful Kickstarter projects like the Ouya game console and Exploding Kittens.

Behind the scenes, the project has also helped the company recover from layoffs brought on by the ongoing global pandemic.

In late March, with a lockdown looming in the state of Massachusetts, co-founder Ed Maranville and CEO Douglas Costello made the difficult decision to lay off almost all of its employees. “We didn’t wait for the governor to tell us to close down,” Costello told Polygon in an interview on Wednesday. “We talked about it [and decided that] we are going to do everything we can do to get all of our people back. That was always the stated goal.”



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