Top Ramen is on the Hunt for it’s New Chief Noodle Officer (CNO)

Relying on packaged noodles more than ever this year? Top Ramen may have the job for you! Nissin Foods Top Ramen, the inventor of instant ramen, has created ultimate carb lover’s dream job: Chief Noodle Officer (CNO). It’s a temp role with a lot of perks, including a $10,000 paycheck, a fifty year supply of ramen, and one-to-one mentorship with Nissin Foods CEO, Mike Price To evaluate applications, Top Chef All Stars winner Melissa King will judge who becomes the first CNO in Top Ramen’s fifty year history. “It brings back so many childhood memories, Top Ramen was a pantry staple in our household growing up,” King says of the noodles. “I’ve been eating Top Ramen since I was little, throughout my career and at college I definitely ate a lot of it.” The product as been pivotal to King’s career — her first season on Top Chef, she won $10,000 in a quickfire challenge making an elevated ramen dish, a cacio e pepe style noodle.